Baby Elephant – Refusing to Play in a Mud Pool

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In 2002, about 10 years ago, I had a strange dream. It’s about a baby elephant refusing to get into a mud pool to play. I saw the baby elephant playing outside the mud pool and not enjoying the “swimming pool” that was there. It was a time of deep reflection on my life at that time and it has brought new meaning of my earthly existence and a unique revelation of myself in the mirror of life.
You see, mud pools and water are a favorite for the elephants. It’s their natural habitat and all their lives have been from one pool to another, year in and year out. It’s their very life and existence. How come the baby elephant is still outside then? Puzzling?
The dream was all about me and my attitude towards life before me. There are many challenges and fun in life that was there for me but I refused to go in to have a “good” mud bath and probably shoot some mud on others who were there. We are all created to live on planet earth for a short season but some of us just refused to be in the game of life. What a miss for God to create us all to enjoy life on earth, like the mud pool that is there, but just do not want to indulge and play in it.
I have learned that all of us are not perfect here on this side of eternity, but why think and contemplate so much on the surroundings and what is and what is not? Just love the “mud pool’ or the life in front of us and get into the game of life. Life surely have fun days and difficult days but we can enjoy the mud, the pool and our fellow “elephants” gathered together on planet earth. All of us are created the same and to have some fun “under the sun.”
elephants 77
Throw some mud around and have fun! Enjoy life and not to take any offense on the mud landing on your face and body. You also can throw and receive them as well. It is part and parcel of life. So, for the coming new year and beyond do not hold back the fun. Just do it and enjoy the not so many days that we have. Some good and some bad. Just that at the end of our earthly pilgrimage, we do not regret not getting into the mud pool and play and have fun. Remember to enjoy the blessings and fun in the Lord!
Just a thought for the new year. “Love both yourself and our Father God who is in heaven.” He is looking at us lovingly every moment. God is saying to us all, “Enjoy your bath and have fun on earth and someday get a new towel in heaven and be cleaned again. God has reserved eternal life for His children.” Remember He gave His best for us. Jesus Christ is our all in all. For this life and the age to come, Jesus Christ has promised to be with us. Amen!
Stay blessed!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Be joyful through life.
Blessings always,
Ezra Chim TS
25th December 2012.


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