DANIEL and His Unwavering Faith!

Biblical Teachings by Rev Dr. S.K Thomas – No. 6
Title :   Daniel And His Unwavering Faith  (Reference – Daniel 6)
 Aim:   You can trust the Lord “never to leave you nor forsake you” in times of trouble especially when you refuse to give in to pressure and intimidation to deny the Lord.
Point of Contact:
The person whose faith cannot be tested cannot be trusted. God needed to prove Daniel for him to become what God intended him to be. Many so-called conversions fail in times of trials and tests for lack of a real repentance, true conversion, commitment and dedication to the Lord and His cause. Sure there are human weaknesses but the truly converted never change, never waver in their morals, principles and testimony.
Daniel stood the test as a youth – coming to Babylon, headquarters of the Empire to stay and yet standing for what is right. Now he comes to a bigger test. He is the second biggest man in the Kingdom. Let us notice the test:
The Testing
Daniel Chapter 6.  Daniel was promoted to the second place in the Kingdom. He was right under the king. But the men under Daniel became jealous and tricked the king into signing a decree that was wicked. Simply, that no one in the kingdom should pray or make petition to their god or any man for thirty days save of the king, shall be put to death by casting that person into the den of lions.
Daniel’s enemies knew that Daniel prayed continually as was his custom. And Daniel knew this would lead him to be cast into the lions’ den.
Daniel also knew that the living God whom he worshiped can and would deliver him. That was what took place. The LORD sent His Angel and delivered him. Because he stood the test, he was promoted even higher by the king.
1.   Daniel as a youth got into the habit of standing for what was right.
In the early days of his life in Babylon, he stood for the little things. Now he stands for the big things. This why it is important for children to develop character to stand for right in school and elsewhere. When the spoils become greater and the temptations larger, they will be in the habit of standing. One is not likely to start standing for right in the big testing all of a sudden if he is not conditioned to stand for right in the little testing. Daniel did not decide to go to the lions’ den in chapter 6; he decided to go to the lions’ den in chapter 1, for Daniel decided then, at the beginning itself when he arrived at Babylon, to do right in every case. He did right in little cases and was conditioned, trained and strengthened to do right in big cases.
2.  Daniel had stood for right through the years.
It has been many years now since chapter 1. Daniel stood for right in the Babylonian Empire. Now the Medes and Persians have taken over. It is another empire completely, and yet Daniel is still doing right. Thank God for those who stand right through the years even if conditions and circumstances change. 
3.  Daniel was a good and dedicated worker in both kingdoms.
He had been a great man in the previous Babylonian Empire that had been conquered by the Medes and Persians. And for that reason one would think that he should be looked upon as an enemy and as such imprisoned or banished by the new masters.
Daniel was native of a foreign kingdom and then a member of the previous government. Because of that he might have been despised as a stranger, captive and an enemy. But Daniel was a man of character and great dignity, a hard worker who did his job well. Darius, the new king could see this and retained him and even made his position higher. 
4.  Everything eventually settles to what it is.
Read this principle very carefully again and again. Don’t forget it! It is one of the most important truths of life. Everything eventually settles to what it is! Yes. Everything eventually settles to what it is! We are so concerned about teaching our children to do things, and well we might; but the biggest thing is to teach our children to be something. If a person becomes what he ought to become, he will do what he ought to do. The important thing is to build character, not talent. Character will develop talent; talent developed first will usually not see the need for character. Character has eyes; but talent is blind.
Talent may cause a person to rise for a while; but he will eventually settle, not what he can do, but to what he is. If parents could only understand that the important thing is not developing talent in their children but developing character in their children. Character will enable the child to see what he ought to do. This is so very important, so vital. Right will always be right, and wrong will always be wrong. Right will come out right eventually, and wrong will always come out wrong in the end. 
5.   Daniel had a good or excellent spirit in him.
Daniel 6:3 says that Daniel “had an excellent spirit.” This is a tremendous statement. Not only did he stand, but he had an excellent spirit. It is easy for children to become fundamental and not have a proper spirit. A spirit of love, a spirit of cooperation, a spirit of humility, etc., are vital to go with standing or maintaining an excellent testimony. Now bear in mind, they are not good substitutes for standing. Daniel stood! Some would have said he was stubborn, but God said he had an excellent spirit. What a tremendous combination Daniel had! 
6.  Because of Daniel’s promotion, and because of his excellent spirit, and because he enjoyed the king’s favour. He was envied and hated by those under him.
Reading Daniel 6:1-4.  A chief had been placed over every province that belonged to the empire of the Medes and Persians. There were 120 of these. Later it was enlarged to 127 by more victories by Cambyses and Darius Hystaspes. (Esther 1:1). Josephus, the Jewish historian, even says that later there were 360. The 120 were divided into groups of forty with a president over each one. This means there were three presidents. The king placed Daniel over the presidents. This partiality or favour towards Daniel made him the object of envy of other presidents and leaders of the kingdom. Because they were envious and jealous, they sought to hurt him. We should teach Christians that the more right they do, the more they will be envied. Ecclesiastes 4:4 says, “…and every right work, that for this a man is envied of his neighbour.” 
7.   They could find no fault in Daniel.
Reading Daniel 6:5.  Here is a tremendous verse. They found no fault or blemish in his administration. He was faithful to the king. He was faithful to his God. Hence, they had to construe his faithfulness to his God as a crime. It is an excellent thing, and certainly to the glory of God, when those who profess Christianity conduct themselves in such a manner in their whole conversation that the most watchful and critical enemies find no occasion for blaming them. In other words, the only criticism that could come was that he was a fanatic, that he was too devoted to his God. Let those of us who stand for Christ be sure that our lives are consistent with our stand. 
8.  The enemies tricked Daniel by his devotion to his God.
Daniel 6:6-7.  They knew that Daniel prayed three times a day with his window open and his face turned toward Jerusalem. When the Jews were in distant lands, in prayer they turned their faces toward Jerusalem. When in Jerusalem, they turned their faces toward the temple. King Solomon, in his prayer of dedication at the temple (1 Kings 8:48), asked God to hear the prayers of those who might be in strange lands or in captivity when they turn their faces toward their own land which God gave unto their fathers and toward the city which He had chosen and the house which was dedicated to His name. Daniel was in a foreign land; hence, he turned his face toward Jerusalem and prayed. The doing of this meant that he had gone against the King’s decree and would be cast into the den of lions. 
9.   Daniel did nothing different to be cast into the den of lions or to stand the test.
Had he not been praying in this manner, he should not have started praying in this manner. However, he had prayed in this manner; and he should not change or yield his convictions. We should do what we think and know is right before the testing comes. We should not be looking for testing or running from testing, looking for persecutions or running from persecution. We should simply do what is right to do. This was the case with Daniel. This is the kind of faithfulness that God looks for and rewards.
Let us look at Daniel’s prayer life :
A.  He prayed in his house.
No doubt sometimes he prayed alone and sometimes with his family; nevertheless, he prayed in his house. Every house should be a hose of prayer. The tragic thing is many homes, even good churches do have much prayers offered. The Bible says in Acts 10:30 that Cornelius was a man that prayed in his house; hence every house not only may be, but ought to be a house of prayer.
B.  In every prayer he gave thanks.
This is certainly important. We should include thanksgiving with our praying. It reveals the attitude of a grateful heart.
C.  He prayed upon his knees.
Now, whether or not we pray on our knees is not the big thing, but we ought to have that kind of humility in our hearts. 
D.  He opened the windows of his chamber.
He did not do this to show off. He had been doing this all along. He was focused toward Jerusalem. He simply was not willing to change because of pressure or intimidation. He was not certainly ashamed of being a Jew or of his God.
E.  He did it three times a day.
The Psalmist said, “Morning, evening and noon I will pray.” He had hours of prayer and special seasons of prayer. This is important for a person to be good Christian and to be able to maintain his testimony and stand. Paul says in Ephesians 6: 12-18, that we are fighting against powerful spiritual forces of darkness. He commands us to stand against these evil forces. Jesus warned us that the “…thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” In verse 18, Paul says that we are to withstand all attacks of the enemy and remain standing by praying always with all prayer. Read these important scriptures. (The key words in all of Daniel’s standing are found in verse 10: “as he did aforetime.”  What this really means is “as his usual practice or consistent pattern” ).
A.  God sent His Angel to Daniel.
Daniel 6:22.   The word “angel” in the Bible simply means “messenger.” God sent His messenger. It implies here “His special messenger.”  No doubt this the Lord Jesus Christ, the One Who attended Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace. He came in to Daniel and shut the mouths of the lions.
B.  Darius was convinced that Daniel’s God was a living God.
Daniel 6:26. People could see in Daniel that his God was alive. How wonderful if it would be true with all of us!
C.  Daniel was promoted.
Daniel 6:28  Daniel served five (5) kings: Nebuchadnezzar, Evil-merodach, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. Few men could have survived so long a reign and served so many masters without flattering any and yet being successful to all as was Daniel.
If we serve God faithfully and without wavering, maintain our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, we can be assured that the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us. At the end of every trial or test the Lord will cause our promotion.
Job 23:10, “But He knoweth the way that I take; when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”
Dear Child of God,
God had a purpose in Daniel’s life. God promoted Daniel to such a high office simply because, having him in that position he could well look after the welfare of the Jews who were exiled to Babylon. 
God also has a purpose to your life. If you will let God, you will soon discover your God-given purpose in His divine plan. You may go through many challenges for the evil one will try to stop you from fulfilling your purpose. But nothing must stop you from being true and faithful to the Lord and His calling upon your life. 
I (S.K.Thomas) have faced many challenges and attacks of the enemy. Most of them came from those whom you least expected it. They have come in the form of Christians, pastors, church leaders and many times even from those of my own flock, and from family and loved ones. There were so many betrayals, lies, false accusations, slander and gossip.  Sometimes I am truly amazed and wonder at the power, influence and hold of the devil over them.  God’s Word warns us that in the Last Days perilous times shall come and we will be surrounded by false leaders, false brethren, false ministers, false apostles and false prophets. 
Beware! Take heed! Be not deceived! Many times the Bible warns. Are they following Christ, those whom you are following? By their fruits you shall know them!
But we know we are not fighting with flesh and blood. They were being used by the powers of darkness. But, again I am amazed why they have not the fear of the Lord! Probably they have the same spirit of King Saul; one moment they are repentant and the next, murderous!
The Law of God warns not to bear false witness, not to gossip, not to slander or speak evil of no one, not to lie, not to curse but to bless! The Lord recovers and restores those that are lost or fallen. But these unfortunately, are not working with the Lord to recover and restore but become destroyers, working hand in hand with the devil! Jesus said that He did come to destroy men’s lives but to save.
The wicked one will never cease from trying to stop us at all costs from accomplishing what God has called us to accomplish. We know very well the devil’s ministry of stealing, killing and destroying.  Many Christians are in league with devil, knowingly or unknowingly, to help him accomplish just that. Yet, we shall remain undeterred.  We shall continue to serve the Lord and faithfully and do all that He asks us to do “without returning evil for evil” neither defending ourselves, “for the Lord is our defense and our righteousness.”
The Laws of God don’t change.  You will only reap what you sow.  So, sow what is good in the sight of God.  Don’t fear when challenged for God will not forsake you. Remember Apostle Paul and all that he suffered for Christ. The Lord was always with him in every situation, protecting, providing and delivering him from every evil circumstance. 
The Lord bless you!
Preparing His way,
Dr. Thomas
God Bless!
Dear Friends and Brethren in Christ,
I am very pleased to post in my blog the Biblical teachings of Rev Dr S.K Thomas, who have trained many Apostles, Evangelists and Church leaders over his many years of local and international ministry. I am truly blessed to meet the man of God who shares freely the power and authority of God’s Word for all of us so that we can live victoriously in Christ Jesus. He said to me one day in our fellowship meeting, “To Freely Receive and Freely Give What The Lord Has Blessed”. I am touched with his sincerity, humility and love to always raise up and equipping new leaders everywhere for the work of the Kingdom. 
So, be very blessed to use the materials for your own edification and learning, for teaching and for reaching out to others with the inspiring Word of God. I will continue to post other teachings of Rev Dr. Samuel Thomas as well, so be patient and do stay in touch. God Bless all of you wherever you are.
Your Brother In Christ,
Ezra Chim
Post No. 6
Dear Friends,
Be blessed by these messages and studies in the Word of God. God’s Word (The Bible) provides all the answers to life’s problems.  His Word will make you wise. The Book of Proverbs says that if you get wisdom, you will also get life, riches and honor!
 “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”  Matthew 4:4.
 Dr. S. K. Thomas   D. Min.   
( Email –  daystarapostle@gmail.com )
Be Blessed!   Ezra Chim, Malaysia.
(Email – tschimsj@yahoo.com )

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