Are Curses real? What is Man’s Purpose? –CB1

Introduction :   ARE CURSES REAL?
Curses and Bondages
Blessing and Curses are very powerful and the Bible has a lot to say about both.
Deuteronomy 30:19, “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curses.  Therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live.”
You may have wondered why strange things happen to you for no apparent reason. Why, that there are some are suffering from unexplainable sicknesses; and others suffer from calamities, yet others are accident prone; why others, even though with great effort and hard work, do not succeed in life, that success eludes them. Yet others have long family histories of tragedies, mental and emotional problems, broken marriages and family splits, unending debts and poverty?
There is a great need in the Christian Church to study the subject of curses, seeing that vast members of Christians and non – Christians suffer from a myriad of woes that are seemingly unexplainable and often insurmountable.
There seems to be as if there are powerful forces at work, though unseen but are bent on stopping, hindering and limiting God’s people and others from enjoying the abundant life promised by Christ in John’s Gospel Chapter 10:10 “I am come that they may have life, and life more abundantly” (or bountiful).
Many sense that there are evil, invisible forces or barriers that have been placed in their lives bent on preventing them from progressing and experiencing breakthroughs in their circumstances. They are unable to put their finger upon it but nevertheless, they know it is there. Many find themselves in a state of hopelessness; they are helpless and desperately seeking answers but no answer, seemingly, come from God or man. I see this great struggle written on the faces of many, many people – confusion and despair.
In many of the beliefs, religions and philosophies of this world, it is taught and believed that one may be fated to have a life that is  “ cursed ” or “ blessed” and that one is powerless to change ones life and destiny. But the Bible says otherwise. God’s Book teaches everything one needs to know about this life and the next. It says that a “cursed” or “blessed” life is something one chooses and that ones life is not left to those invisible powers or so – called fate.
God says in Deuteronomy 30:19 “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.” God has always said throughout the Bible telling us not fear or be afraid, not to be dismayed or distressed, not worry or be anxious but to trust Him completely and have hope and faith no matter what happens or has happened. Every situation and condition can be changed if we are willing to believe Him. Jesus Christ said that all things are possible to the person who believes.
Man has a purpose to his existence and this purpose is determined by God who created him.
Failure to discover one’s purpose will surely lead to a failed and empty life. God says in Hosea 4: 6 that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. This same verse says that God rejects those who refuse knowledge. The only book in the world that reveals the truth about man and the purpose of his existence is the Holy Bible, God’s instruction manual for this life and beyond.
The Lord Jesus Christ put it this way,  “And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free” John 8:32.
Until and unless one discovers the truth, the possibilities of recovery are absent. Only when you discover the truth, you can take the steps of recovery.
So Discover and Recover!
Dr. Myles Munroe says that “Ignorance is man’s greatest enemy”.
This book is written so that Gods people do not have to live and walk in a cycle of defeat and despair but can live victoriously in Christ Jesus who defeated every enemy of our happiness. You do not have to live in circumstances like in Isaiah 42: 22 where it speaks of God’s Old Testament people as, “This is a people robbed and plundered;” And all of them are snared in holes; And they are hidden in prison houses; They are for prey, and no one delivers, for plunder, and no one says, “restore.”
In Jeremiah 29: 11 God says to you, “I know the plans that I have toward you, says the Lord, plans of peace (shalom – peace, prosperity, health and long life) and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”


Read on and let this be your day for Freedom and Restoration.
PAIN  –  “I got to thinking, resting here, of pain, of hurt, of agony; the pains which come when birth is near, the kinds of pain which have to be; the hurt of death for those who die; the pain of those who are left to weep; the pain of sick ones, such as I, which seem but lightly dulled by sleep.
But pains of sickness, death and birth, are part of life as life must be; so I have wondered ‘Why on earth do some folk suffer needlessly?’ For faithlessness and prejudice, and lack of love and honesty, bring hopelessness and tragedies, and tears, and hurts, and misery. The broken promises which cause an anguish far too great for some; the broken hearts, the broken laws, the broken will, the broken home; the broken love affair exerts an awesome pressure of distress; the broken marriage, oh what hurts are caused by instant loneliness?
I need not strive to illustrate the needlessness of pains like these: the agonies of pride, of hate; the pangs of spiritual disease: a sickness folks need not endure, these ailments both of age and youth, if we would but accept the cure: the bearing of the hurt of Truth.
Most pain I bear I’ve caused, no doubt, by my neglect, by my excess; so many sins have found me out, the fault is mine, I must confess.
The Truth, whom Jesus claims to be, to show His love, to prove His care, bore every sin of history, a pain He didn’t have to bear.” (Adapted)

mans purpose


Why did God create man? Why does man exist? What is the purpose of life? Why do we have to die? And if we die shall we live again? These are questions mankind has asked from ancient times and through his own quest to find answers to these very questions formed religions and philosophies. The Bible says that Man’s purpose is to receive the goodness and grace of God. God wants to share His overflowing riches of His goodness and grace with Man. This is clearly seen in what God did for the first man, Adam.
God created man so that man can love God who created him. Man was also to worship his Creator; serve Him and provide fellowship and companionship. God gave man his highest creation gift – the power to choose that made him godlike, the reason being that God wants to live with a being who can make choices; freely choose to live with Him. God wants to live with a being who has the ability to choose. He was to have the freedom of choice, a being who will choose to love God and enjoy His goodness and grace; He was to have the freedom to choose to live with God, to love, worship and fellowship with God. Man was to have the freedom to obey, serve God and care for God’s creation.
God will not force, coerce or manipulate man. God does not want man to be a robot or a machine that is a product of an assembly line that is programmed to function to serve and worship God. God wants man to have the freedom of choice, the ability to choose life with God or apart from Him. The nature of man is revealed in that he has these qualities when God placed him in the Garden of Eden or Paradise. Man is seen to be a highly intelligent and strong being. He is made responsible for thinking, planning and cultivating the Garden as well as having the oversight of the Earth.
Man is seen to have the ability to communicate with others. God is seen talking and sharing with Adam, the first man. The first man was able to function as a natural being and through his natural, physical sensory organs was aware of his physical world. He also was able to function in the spiritual realm; he was able to communicate with spiritual beings through his spiritual sensory organs. He was also aware of the spiritual nature of the Garden of Eden, also called Paradise.
In the Garden of Eden, the Paradise of God, God placed the first man and woman. Everything was complete and perfect. There was nothing lacking. There was no curse, no sickness, no pain, no fear, no death. The Garden of Eden was the most perfect paradise imaginable. The Earth was perfect but God the Creator wanted a place that would be very, very special for Man – a place of unmatched splendor and beauty, provision, fellowship, and perfection.
The Garden of the Eden far exceeded the outside world. God created the most glorious home imaginable for man. Man already had a perfect Earth, but a perfect Earth could not hold nor adequately show the infinite goodness and grace of God. God wanted Adam to know and experience Paradise, the great gift of God, the glorious goodness and riches of His grace. Therefore Paradise was a place where Man could behold all the splendor, beauty, provision, fellowship and perfection of God’s goodness and grace.  
 mans purpose11
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