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Hi Everyone,


You are welcome to my page. Please feel free to read and share them. I pray that God’s Word will minister to you wherever you are.

I am Bro Ezra Chim from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was born in 1959 and I am 54 years old this year (2013). I am married to one wife and have one daughter. She is studying for her degree in Taylor’s University in Subang Jaya. I thank the Lord for His blessings over her life. She is a brilliant scholar in Christ. Greatly blessed of Jesus!

I have worked for many years in multinational companies like Ford, Sime Darby and Shell Malaysia. The last position was as in sales and marketing in Shell Malaysia. I retired from active secular work at the age of 40 years old. This was my last permanent corporate job was in Shell.



Beautiful Malaysia

Beautiful Malaysia



I became a Christian at the age of 18 years old in a missionary school in Malaysia but because of fierce persecution from my Buddhist and Taoist family, I did not pursue God seriously in my early Christian life. Over the years, I have worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder but there was an emptiness and void in my life even though I have much corporate success

Eventually, in 1999, at the age of 40, I asked Shell Malaysia to give me a voluntary severance package (VSS) so that I can turn my life back to Jesus Christ again. Praise the Lord!  Shell Malaysia allowed me to leave with a compensation package in the year 1999. The walk of faith has begun for me and my family since then. It has been so for the last 14 years. God is faithful!

My defining moment in my Christian walk was a very heart-breaking incident that happened to me and my family in 1994. A close neighbor, age around 25 years, turned “amok” (insane) on that fateful day and came into my parents’ house in the morning. He killed my mum and my three years old nephew who just came out of his bedroom that morning around 9am. If he had slept through for another hour in his room that day, he could be alive today. My youngest sister was injured seriously in the amok attack. She survived the incident but had to go through many constructive surgery. When I came back from outstation to arrange for the funeral of two family members together, my total life perspectives changed. I had a complete “spiritual head and heart surgery” over my life. I began on the search for life’s meaning and to pursue relentlessly after the Living God who loved me so much.

It was an amazing turn-around for me. I have known Jesus Christ early on when I was 18 years old but a lukewarm one at that. It was through this painful incident in my life that I have found Jesus Christ again. This time around, I am holding on to the Lord tightly. Life has never been the same again. Praise God!

The life of faith was filled with many challenges but I have learned a lot over the years. My inner man was strengthened and uplifted daily by God Himself. There is a limit to human strength and intelligence. In life, we need the supernatural providence of God in our “impossible human trials by fire.” I have learned to love God and others more daily as compared to my early years in a secular job.

Life is not all about money, position and possession. There is a life to be lived here on earth as well as in the age to come. There is a destiny waiting for each one of us after our earthly sojourn. We have the freedom to choose our destiny.

I dedicate this blog to all who are seeking the Lord Jesus Christ, His teachings and to live a life worthy of His calling. Jesus Christ said it beautifully, “What is there for a man to gain the whole world but loses his soul.” Don’t waste this life away. It’s too precious!

Today, I am an elder in a local church. It is a growing church of around 30 to 40 worshipers every week. I speak and teach in the church together with other leaders. I am also a “tent maker”. All my leaders are tent makers for the Kingdom of God. It is a family church but we have great dreams to expand the church in Malaysia and to do missions to our neighboring countries like Philippines, India, Burma, Laos, Vietnam etc. Every endeavors must start with the first step however small it may be. Rome was not built in one day. With discipline, unity, perseverance and the blessings of God, the church will grow from one glory to another.






Beautiful Islands

Beautiful Islands



My country Malaysia has a population of 27 million people and growing. Islam is the official religion of the country. In my nation, there are many different races and religious beliefs. Splendid food available for all the good food lovers. There is peace and harmony in the nation aside from the political bickering. A beautiful country that you must visit and experience someday. No need to bring along warm clothing as the temperature is around 30 to 36 degrees C. Sunshine and rain, no snow. It’s summer time all year long. There are many different festivals and religious celebrations throughout the year. It is amazing that we lived in peace and harmony here with so many different mix of people and cultures. It is a blessed land indeed. Must experience and see!



Penang - The Pearl of the Orient

Penang Island  – The Pearl of the Orient








Have a pleasant day!

Best Wishes.

Bro Ezra Chim TS .





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This is my labour of LOVE for the KINGDOM OF GOD.

ALL For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Be Blessed Always!


Your Brother In Christ



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Updated : July 2019


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Yours Truly - In Jeju Korea

Yours Truly – Jeju Island in South Korea

My recent visit to Jeju Island in Korea (March 2013)



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Be Blessed!







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  1. thank you for your effort in putting all of this, you are an amazing servant who really love the Lord. God bless you so much brother.



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