B1. Faith With Reason – Why Christianity is TRUE by Joseph R. Farinaccio PDF Book

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Personal Reflections : 

Answers Fundamental Questions about Faith:

“Is faith contrary to reason?”

“How can we know for sure that God exists?”

“Aren’t Christians who appeal to the Bible to justify their beliefs reasoning in a circle?”

“Must we presuppose natural origins for this world?”

“Doesn’t the theory of evolution prove the Bible to be wrong?”

“Doesn’t the presence of evil in this world disprove the existence of an all-powerful and loving God?”

“Do all religions lead to God?”

Every belief system contains truth-claims. These truth-claims represent fundamental beliefs about God, man and the cosmos. Such beliefs are at the heart of every one’s belief system.

FAITH WITH REASON is an introduction to the Christian worldview. Author Joseph R. Farinaccio contrasts the truth-claims of Biblical Christianity with other prominent views of Reality taught in the world today. He examines the nature of religious belief, the relationship between faith and reason, and then discusses the uniqueness of the Christian view of Reality.

This book is a valuable resource that may be turned to again and again by readers who really want to understand what is being expressed in both religious and secular belief systems.

FAITH WITH REASON is a concise, tightly focused apologetic for the Christian faith that highlights many of the key issues and subjects that will constantly surface in discussions regarding the validity of Christianity’s truth-claims. It serves as a basic primer for both Christians and non-Christians alike to better understand why Biblical Christianity is a faith and philosophy of life unlike any other.



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