Giving Up Our Rights – To The Lord

Target Audience : The sermon is for all ministry leaders and new believers who are aspiring to live the supernatural calling of God. The purpose is to present the truth of the Bible against the worldly desire of the rights of individuals. It involves radically changing our thinking and lifestyles. The writer wished to encourage […]

From Pearl Harbor to Calvary

(This is the continuation of the story Love Over Hatred – WW 2 Inspiring Story which I posted earlier) CAPT. MITSUO FUCHIDA  – Japan –  (1902-1976) “From Pearl Harbor to Calvary”    Salvation came unexpectedly on a senior war veteran. The eyes of the Lord was on a son who was about to exit the […]

Love Over Hatred – WW 2 Inspiring Story

Love over Hatred – Jacob Deshazer  (1912 – 2008) Have you ever wondered whether forgiveness is possible in a world war? We see in films, TVs and documentaries about the cruelties and sufferings of millions of people. For still many today, wars and human sufferings are very real. Can any good come out from hatred […]